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How does our brain work?

How to build an AI?

What will happen if we manage to build a true AI?

This book answers all these questions !

The mind and the machine: 

Should we fear artificial intelligence?

Recent advances in understanding the brain and in programming intelligent computers show that we are not far away to achieve a true conscious and creative Artificial Intelligence.

But such an AI will not think like a human! It will be much more intelligent and will thinks much faster than us! This opens the door to all expectations and  to all fears.

What is happening inside our brains? How does our mind work? What is intelligence ? What is conscience? Will we create someday a true artificial intelligence? How can we design it? What will its capabilities be like, and should we fear it?

This book gives a detailed answer to all these questions.

Accurate but not without humor, intended for a wide audience, this profusely illustrated book clearly raises the question of what will happen before, during and after this unique event, which will be of comparable importance as the invention of language, fire, or of writing: The arrival of AI in the human world.

570 pages, 197 illustrations. A whealth of information!

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Also available in French version



I. A small tour of the mind

1      The Mind, this unknown

A Little story of mind 
Reasoning and logic 
Little Introspection
Multi-sensory perceptions
Human, Animal, Imitation and violence 
Language and reading 
Roles, analogies and unification 

2     Mind and Brain

The evolution of intelligence 
The brain
The human visual system 
The auditory system 
Proprioception and coordination of our movements
Long-term memory
Artificial neural networks and memory
Which associative memory for an AI?
Eventually, what is intelligence? 
What is consciousness? 
Soul and mechanism 
Animal Intelligence 
Extra-terrestrial intelligence

3       Learning

The very young child 
Lorenz and Geese 
Piaget and competences 
Chomsky and language
Computer Learning 
Learning and forgetting 
Tentative overview 

II. Recipe to build a mind

4     The society of mind

Basic agents 
The engine 
Intermediate agents 
Situated agents 
How do agents communicate? 
The goals and Bayesian reasoning 
Desires and impulses 
Pleasure and pain 
Learning super goals 
The sense of self 
The narrative thread and interior monologue

5  « Classical » AI

First success, first failures 
Some false good ideas 
    Deep Blue
    Expert systems
    Etaoin Shrdlu
    Formal logic
    Neural networks
Some truly good AI ideas 
    Genetic algorithms
Problem solving

6    True AI (TAI)

A name for a true AI 
A question of power? 
A question of knowledge? 
A question of complexity?
The theory of Alain Cardon 
Some clichés about AI

        7      Building a True AI

Seed AI 
Virtual worlds and self-learning 
Overall architecture 
Systems, sub-systems and strategies 
Sensory modalities 
A sensory modality for computer

8      Robots and Humans

Asimov robots 
Laws of humanotics 
The steps in building a true AI 
Some possible uses of an AI 
Ultra-fast engineering 
AI and human work 
The AI box 
The AI dreams

III.  The Singularity

9       What is the Singularity?

The coming of True AI 
Advantages of an AI over humans 
Beyond Moore’s law
Other paths to Singularity

10  parenthesis :Nanotechnology

What is Nanotechnology?
Building large objects 
Possible applications of nanotechnology 
When is the baby due?
The problem…   
Partial solutions    
Against Grey Goo

11  Super Intelligence

What is super intelligence? 
The rising of super intelligence 
Powers and Genies 
After singularity 
The duplication of the mind and soul 
A nightmare AI 
AI and human rights

12   Friendly AI

What friendly means 
Understanding hostility  
The Golem  
The failure of injunctions 
AI, safety and security  
Designing a friendly AI  
Meta morality

13   The race is on

The nanotechnology side  
The science side 
The computer science side  
The philosophical side 
The political side



  570 pages, 197 illustrations. A whealth of information!

Download this ebook from Amazon.com

Amazon kindle files can be read on any device: kindle, kobo, PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones...

Also available in French version
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Le 11/04/2018 à 23h03
Do not expect this book to explain how AI will change the world economy. Although this topic is covered in several chapters, the main point of this book is to explain what a truly general and conscious AI will be, how it will think, and how it can be built. The tour-de-force of the author is, he shows this very clearly, explaining in simple terms how we, human, do think and act, and how the human mind works. This part of the book is truly fascinating.

The next part proves that a conscious AI will not be human-like : it will outperform every human ability, and capacity and, again, this is explained very clearly with lots of interesting examples.

Should we fear it? It depends, say the author, on how this "full AI" will be built. This is an engineering problem, not a philosophical one. We can build either a friendly AI, or an hostile one depending on how we design its "goal system". The Author thinks that question is the most important *political* question of this century and that the general public should be more aware of it. A fascinating book. Thank you !
Bill (not Gates !)
Le 25/09/2016 à 16h24
Definitely a very interesting and challenging ebook. I learned a lot, and i must say, it fun to read. Thank you, Serge!

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